Friday, October 28, 2011

Redeemed : By Maheshi Peiris & Liswith Obinamuni

Confusion compromised
weighed and wedged
into the heart
like a broken piece of glass
I would love to see
it bleed
unparallel to the natural
logic is dislodged
truth is denied
obvious is overlooked
hidden selfish gains
in the name of love..
the criminal of normalcy,
the victim of tattered hope,
the victim of blind faith,
the wanderer,
that seeks light of him,
the light in every face,

Time the true,
time the forgiving,
time the adviser,
time truly is comforting,

Parallel to the bleeding,
Parallel I was healed,
Parallel to the sorrow,
Parallel I was redeemed,

Now that light is shining,
shining on me,
shining ever bright,
Yes clearly I can see,

life has been unjust
but time should be my way,
the unfocused,
was focused,
redeemed I am today.

Author : Ocean™ & Maheshi Peiris

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